Jordan join Middle East culinary conflict

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World's biggest falafel

Another Arab state has joined the battle for world record dishes against Israel.

Over the past few years Israel has been locked in a bitter feud with its Arab neighbours, over who can cook the largest local delicacies and claim them as part of their own culture. In recent years chefs from Israel have tried claiming that both hummus and falafel were Israeli dishes and were marketing them as such. To promote their claims Israel began making successful world record attempts, such as cooking an enormous vat of hummus.

The Arab world was not going to stand idly by and allow this, Lebanon were the first to step up and insist that hummus was an Arab dish, and to prove it they cooked an even bigger bowl of hummus beating Israel’s record. They followed that up with a pre-emptive strike against Israel and cooked the world’s largest bowl of falafels. Unsurprisingly the USA backed Israel and set a new falafel record to beat Lebanon, during the Santa Clarita Valley Jewish Food and Cultural Festival in California chefs cooked the world’s biggest single ball of falafel. The Arabs were reeling from their defeat.

It’s been a busy time recently what with the Arab Spring, but Jordan have this week come out fighting delivering a damaging blow to Israel and its American allies, ten chefs at the Landmark Hotel in Amman have cooked up a colossal 74.75kg single falafel, which pisses on the Yank’s 23.95kg effort.

Official Guinness World of Records adjudicator Annabel Lawady said the falafel was a great achievement and a record which would probably stand for years to come.

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