Crazy and cool Swiss Protection socks

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Swiss Protection Socks

Check out these fantastic reinforced toed socks.

The socks are produced by the Swiss Barefoot Company and are made from tough Kevlar with a PVC strengthened sole. The socks, which look very comfortable, are designed to replace shoes and allow the wearer the same freedom as being barefoot but with enough protection for you to hobbit around with no boots on.

The socks are available at anyone who simply likes to go barefoot, rock-climbers seem to be specifically targeted but the company hope to release a design aimed at marathon runners and claim their socks are superior to the running shoes available with fitted toes.

“There are shoes that proclaim the barefoot feeling recently. Shoes can not do so naturally, a sole separates the foot from the ground and they also don’t protect against injuries” the company’s website claims.

The snazzy socks are available from the company website from as little as €55 Swiss Barefoot Company

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