Magic underwear theft and dog-eating birds of prey

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A village in Zimbabwe is gripped in fright after a series of incredible and unbelievable events have taken place.

Earlier this month the tiny village of Njelele in the Gokwe region of Zimbabwe was troubled by a mysterious disappearance of lady’s knickers. On the night of July 11th the women-folk of the village retired to bed as usual, wearing their panties, but the following morning every woman in the vicinity woke up with their underpants missing.

The missing knickers were later located placed in a pile in nearby woodland, village chiefs suspect voodoo witchcraft was being used. The local police were informed and they began investigations, but they agreed to work in partnership with local traditional healers who were determined to locate the witch and have them expelled from the community, or fined.

But things took a turn for the worse yesterday. The magic knicker-thief has not yet been tracked down, and as a community leader gathered the villagers to inform them that a ‘prophet’ was to be hired to smoke the black magic sorcerer out a huge owl swooped down from the sky and snatched a fully grown dog in its talons before flying off with it.

“I had tasked the two village heads, Pauro and Charuseka, to meet their subjects with the aim of inviting a traditional healer to cleanse their areas,” the village chief said.

“I then saw village head Pauro coming to my homestead with more strange news that a huge owl came flying from nowhere before picking up a male dog at his homestead and flew away while they were at a meeting.”

The villagers have assembled a group of ‘wise men’ from the surrounding area to try and find a solution for their current problems.

“It’s mind boggling what is going on in the area.” Chief Njelele concluded.

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