Woman’s vagina padlocked shut

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A chap in India is in hot water after the authorities discovered he had pierced his wife’s private parts so he could insert a padlock through both labia effectively padlocking her otter’s pocket closed.

The brutalised woman was admitted to hospital in Indore, India after she attempted suicide by consuming rat poison. Nursing staff at the hospital examining Sitabai Chouhan could barely believe their own eyes when they discovered the primitive chastity belt which Mrs Chouhan has endured for the past four years. Rather than call a locksmith the police were called to track down the husband who had the keys to the padlock stuffed in his sock for safe-keeping. he told the cops that he fastened his wife’s punani shut because several women in his family had been unfaithful and he was keen to prevent his wife from straying.

Mr Chouhan has been charged by the police and will be prosecuted for how he’s treated his wife. Arresting officers described him as a drunken nutter. Mrs Chouhan is expected to make a full recovery, she told police that she attempted suicide after her husband tried to rape the couple’s eldest daughter. Mr Chouhan has not been charged with that offence.

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