Crazy woman drinks 25 litres of water a day

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Sasha Kennedy

26-year-old mother-of-two Sasha Kennedy from Southend-on-Sea, Essex has a bizarre and bonkers addiction to drinking pints and pints of water.

Sasha has spent her entire life drinking above average amounts of the old H2O, even at the age of just six-years-old she was knecking a jug of water a night and by 13 she was already supping 15 litres a day. Since then the amount has grown and grown until by 2007 Sasha hit her peak of 25 litres a day.

“I was drinking about 25 litres a day and my work mates were so concerned they told me to go to hospital and get checked out” Sasha revealed.

“But they could not find anything wrong. I only start feeling ill if I don’t drink – my mouth gets really dry.”

Sasha admits the biggest drawback is constant trips to the toilet for a slash. The young mum says she only gets around an hour’s sleep at a time before she wakes up for a quick sip of water and a piss like a racehorse.

Doctors warn that drinking excessive amounts of water can cause swelling of the brain organ.

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