Naked driver arrested with toy pistol stuck up his anus

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WaterpistolPolice in Florida responded to a report of a man driving around Fort Pierce totally stark bollock naked in his Jeep inappropriately touching himself.

Officers caught up with 49-year-old Robert Leo Casey driving his black Jeep Cherokee extremely slowly. The officers realised that Casey was trying to get dressed quickly whilst driving before pulling over. When he finally stopped his car he had managed to pull on a pair of jeans and two odd shoes, but remained topless. When confronted about what the witness had reported Casey admitted to driving naked and told cops he was undergoing therapy to correct his behaviour.

Nevertheless cops arrested Casey and booked him into St. Lucie County Jail, at that point the custody officers discovered that Casey had an orange plastic toy firearm strapped to the inside of his thigh with at least four inches of the gun barrel jammed right up the pervert’s rectum bunghole.

Casey was charged with lewd or lascivious exhibition.

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