Summer Glau returning to Alphas

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Summer Glau

Summer Glau’s super-powered character will be returning in the second season of Alphas.

Glau’s name is at the top of a list of cool guest stars who have been lined up to appear in the forthcoming second season of the hit superhero show Alphas. Fans of the show will recall that Glau appeared during the first season as Skylar Adams, a super genius inventor who built extraordinary gadgets. She was last seen fleeing to Canada with her young daughter who also possessed Alpha-like powers. No further details have been released as to how Skylar returns to the storyline.

Also announced as guest stars are Sean Astin, C. Thomas Howell, Lauren Holly, Kandyse McClure, Noah Reid, Steve Byers and John Pyper-Ferguson

Sean Astin

Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Goonies) has been cast as an Alpha named Roland. Roland has an amazing sponge-like brain which absorbs other folk’s memories. Astin is of course best known for playing little fat Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy of moving pictures.

C. Thomas Howell

C. Thomas Howell (The Outsiders, Red Dawn, Hitcher) was recently seen in Torchwood: Miracle Day playing an evil rotter, in Alphas he will be playing Eli Aquino and has super-speed. Aquino is described as being ‘bent on revenge’, so Howell will be sticking with the darker side of things by the sounds of it.

Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly of Dumb and Dumber fame has been cast in the role of Senator Charlotte Burton, as you can guess from the name she’s a government official, but one who has mysterious ties to one of the Alpha team members. Holly recently appeared in Lost Girl, Leverage and was in over 60 episodes of NCIS.

Kandyse McClure

Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica, Sanctuary) will be playing a beautiful young Alpha who can read minds by touching and stroking them. I can guess what most blokes will be thinking if she starts caressing them.

Noah Reid

Noah Reid was the star of highly anticipated sci-fi project Three Inches. Three Inches was submitted to Syfy as a pilot for a new series around the same time Alphas was developed, but only Alphas was picked up. Reid will play a chap called Adam Gordon who becomes convinced his dead sister is actually still alive and in need of his help. She probably will turn out to be alive, and be an Alpha. I bet.

Steve Byers

Steve Byers (The Dresden Files, Smallville) will play a new member of the tactical team assigned to work with the Alpha team. Byers can also be seen in the forthcoming Total Recall remake.

John Pyper-Ferguson

John Pyper-Ferguson will he reprise his season one role of Stanton Parish, the “Perfect Alpha.” Parish featured towards the end of the first season, a mysterious Alpha believed to be at least a couple of hundred years old and the real head of terrorist group Red Flag. Pyper-Ferguson is known for his work on Caprica and Brothers and Sisters.

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