Man accused of having sex with his ex-wife’s dog

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Nicholas Saunders leaving Gloucester Crown Court

A Gloucester man has appeared in court today accused of having sex with his ex-wife’s bull mastiff after she refused his advances.

Kelly Thacker claims she caught her ex-husband Nicholas Saunders red-handed attempting to penetrate her dog’s vagina with his turgid manhood. According to Thacker, who had remained on good terms with her ex-husband since their divorce, Saunders turned up at her home in January of last year after he had been booted out by his then girlfriend. Thacker had agreed to let 46-year-old Saunders stay the night, and Saunders had made amorous advances which she rejected.

According to the prosecution Thacker left her ex-husband alone naked in bed and went to sleep downstairs, but she heard Saunders whistle and call her large bull mastiff dog, Sasha upstairs with him.

“Meanwhile, downstairs in the lounge, Mrs Thacker could hear things going on upstairs. She heard the defendant rummaging around. She then heard him whistle to the dogs, and they went upstairs.” Prosecutor Frank Abbott explained

“Sasha, the dog, got onto the bed. Mrs Thacker became curious and she went upstairs. She saw him, in fact naked, the dog on the far side of the bed facing away from the defendant and that he was clearly trying to put his penis into the dog’s vagina.”

“She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.”

Saunders denies trying to have sex with the dog, but admits to being naked in the bed with the hound, which explains how bull mastiff DNA ended up on his penis.

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