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Fortune Khumalo

Fortune Khumalo

You can help buy this ritual mutilation survivor an artificial penis.

13-year-old Fortune Khumalo’s cock and balls were hacked off by a knife wielding testicle thief when he was just eight. Self confessed body parts salesman Lucky Simango was successfully prosecuted for emasculating young Fortune and selling his genitals to a black magic witch doctor for the manufacture of a bogus voodoo fetish. ‘Lucky’ is now doing a 15-year stretch in a gloomy South African gaol. Not so lucky after all.

But poor Fortune will have to spend the rest of his childhood growing up without a knob. Doctors at the George Mukhari Hospital in Pretoria where Fortune was initially treated say he will have to wait until he is fifteen-years-old before he can be fitted with an artificial skin-flute. However, even that is in doubt as Fortune’s unemployed father, Mr Thomas Khumal reveals that the funds for Fortune’s treatment have dried up and he doesn’t think they will be able to pay for further medical bills.

Fortune’s teacher, Mr Ronald Hlungwani also appealed for assistance in procuring the young lad a new cock.

“It will be good if he can receive an artificial penis, so that he can be like any other growing boy” Mr Hlungwani said.

Donations towards Fortune’s treatment can be deposited into the following bank account: Fortune Khumalo Family Fund, First National Bank Malamulele Branch, Cheque Account Number: 62151417360.

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