Morningstarr* vs. Zombies

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This week the Morningstarr* minions headed over to one of the UK’s premier zombie survival events hosted by Zed Events.

We managed to crowbar in a lunchtime slot for this incredibly popular horror role-playing game. Since the event began in March, and was subsequently tweeted about by famous zombie aficionado Simon Pegg, it’s popularity has soared. This is a unique zombie experience which sees groups jetting in from all over the globe to spend the afternoon sneaking round an abandoned manor house and blasting the undead with replica shotguns.

Zed Events host two different zombie experience days, one at a disused shopping mall in the south of England, and one in a run-down mansion in the heart of the North West between Manchester and Liverpool, minutes from the M56 motorway. For our walking dead experience we headed over to ‘The Manor’, a 75-acre plot of land with a Grade II listed Georgian country house which used to be a medical institution. There are many surrounding outhouses, a lake and woods where the undead can be found roaming around sniffing out human brains.

Upon arrival you are quickly briefed on health and safety and then you go straight into character for the role-playing game as new recruits into a security force investigating the outbreak of a mystery zombie-virus which has overrun the North West of England. A sergeant and two corporals took us through some basic weapons training with the airsoft shotguns we’d been issued with, then we were shown our first ‘walker’, a rotund rotting face-eater named Bob.

Zed Events is owned and run by keen zombie enthusiasts who have gone to great lengths to make your experience as true to popular zombie culture as possible, but due to the health and safety concerns of shooting actors in the face at close-range with pellet guns, the common belief that zombies can be easily dispatched with a well aimed head-shot isn’t the case at these events. New recruits are encouraged to aim for the centre of their hostile targets, and the zombies don’t stay dead for long. As you work your way through the manor and the grounds the horde of undead following you gets bigger and bigger and your supply of ammunition gets lower and lower.

The manor experience lasts around three hours, as the minutes tick by the tension mounts and the pace quickens as you desperately search for hidden ammunition and props to help you move through the story just like a real-action version of an RPG video game. Each decision the group makes dictates how the story unfolds, and if you will ever make it out alive. Just like any video game, you must be prepared for when you inevitably reach that ‘end-of-level boss’ and face one last epic battle.

Get a wriggle-on now, places are scarce you need to book quickly to avoid disappointment. Find full details on how to make bookings at the official website: Zed Events — Zombie themed experience events

In light of the recent surge in zombie cannibal stories emerging from the US can you afford to risk not getting any practice for when the real zombie apocalypse arrives?

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