Tim Janus achieves world’s longest belch

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Top-ranked gurgitator Timothy ‘Eater X’ Janus has a new world record under his belt, for the world’s longest burp.

Janus, from New York is currently the third best competitive eater on Major League Eating’s books. He already holds the records for speed-eating burritos, sushi, noodles, tamales and tiramisu, and now the competitive eating star has been crowned champion at the inaugural World Burping Championships in New York City.

The event was officially sanctioned by the World Burping Federation who are based in Geneva, Switzerland. To win the event Janus let rip with a sickening 18.1-second-long belch into a microphone. To prepare for the burp-off the professional guzzler necked a full two-gallons of fizzy pop.

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