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Sydney funnel-web spider

An Indian town has been attacked by swarms of deadly venomous spiders, leaving two people dead.

Residents in the town of Sadiya, in Assam, north-east India were celebrating a Hindu festival when their town was flooded with aggressive and deadly unidentified spiders. In the following days after the spiders appeared on May the 8th two people died after being bitten by them and dozens more have been hospitalised suffering intense pain and nausea.

No one has yet been able to identify the species of spider, but they are certain it is not native to that part of India. Some speculate that the arachnids are Australian funnel-web spiders, super-charged with aggression.

“It leaps at anything that comes close.” Dr. L.R. Saikia from the department of life sciences at Dibrugarh University in Assam said.

“Some of the victims claimed the spider latched on to them after biting. If that is so, it needs to be dealt with carefully. The chelicerae and fangs of this critter are quite powerful,”

Because the creatures are not native to the area, no antivenin is available for anyone who is bitten. Authorities are considering drastic measures and my fumigate the entire town.

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