Women attacked by breast-sucking supernatural sex midget

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Dozens of women from a small village in Namibia, southern Africa are being tormented by a supernatural hairy sex-dwarf.

The women claim they are being attacked in their beds by a creature known as a tokoloshe. Victims say the hairy gnome has been sucking their breasts and sometimes raping them in their sleep. A tokoloshe is a hairy dwarf zombie created by witches for sexual purposes by removing the eyes and tongue of a human corpse. The corpse supposedly shrinks to dwarf-like proportions and grows thick fur all over its body, created purposefully for sex the tokoloshe has a tremendous penis which it can sling over its shoulder.

Some tokoloshe are believed to have the power of invisibility, thanks to a magic pebble they keep in their mouths.

The women from this small village 70 kilometres from Khorixas, Namibia say that a tokoloshe is loose in the area and has been sexually abusing them for months.

“The Tokoloshe is sucking my breasts and at times it also sexually abused us” victim Veterika Gawises said.

“Sometimes in the morning I wake up with swollen private parts,” the 37-year-old mother-of-six explained.

The local community hope to have the magical sex-pest exorcised, but the cost of an exorcist in rural Africa is very expensive.

“We plan to bring prophets, one of whom has asked for N$10 000, while another asked for N$2 800 to pray for us,” said the husband of one victim.

A local married man is suspected of being behind the tokoloshe, he has now apologised to all its victims and says the goblin was never meant to harm them.

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    supernatural midget attacked woman..crazy world