Director in talks for ‘Button Man’ movie

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Button Man Harry Exton

Bronson director Nicolas Winding Refn is in talks to direct an adaptation of the comic-book story Button Man: The Killing Game.

Winding Refn won the award for best director at last year’s Cannes Film Festival for his work on crime thriller Drive. He is currently in talks with DreamWorks to direct a movie adaptation of the comic-book series created by John Wagner and Arthur Ranson in 1992, which first appeared in the excellent British comic 2000ad. Wagner is of course also the creator of Judge Dredd.

Unlike the majority of 2000ad strips Button Man isn’t a science fiction story, it’s a modern day crime thriller about ex-mercenary Harry Exton. In the first book, The Killing Game, which the movie is reported to be focusing on, Exton is enlisted into a deadly underground bloodsport where hired killers are pitted against one another for the entertainment of their wealthy handlers.

The collected books in graphic novel form are some of 2000ad‘s best ever sellers.

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