Pakistani Elephant Man: update

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Pakistanis Elephant Man — Sian Mumtaz

Back in 2009 we reported on this poor unfortunate wretch, simply known as the Pakistani Elephant Man.

Three years down the line and the hideously deformed chap has been named as 22-year-old Sian Mumtaz from Lahore. His condition was thought to be the result of being born with Proteus syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes bones and skin to overgrow and is also accompanied by tumours, but his friends and family hope this may have been a misdiagnosis when he was born and a cure is still a possibility. Back in 2009 Sian was referred to as ‘Klingon’ and local people said he was an intimidating illiterate lump, but all that seems to have changed. The people of Lahore have seemingly accepted Sian and the community are rallying around the poor sod in the hope of a cure. They now call him their ‘giant friend’.

“I’ve been this way since I was born. My face, arms and legs all differ in size and people assume I’m not like other normal human beings. But I’m mentally fit and understand everything, I live my life like everyone else despite all my family including my mother, father, brothers and sisters all being born without the condition.” Sian explained.

“People used to run away from me. But now they treat me normally and sit and talk to me when I am out. They call me their friend. One day I hope to be cured and meet a woman who will love me.”

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