Woman faints after being telepathically raped

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This telepath is a bender

A woman in Zimbabwe has fainted in a passport office after allegedly being raped magically.

The alleged incident took place at a passport office in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. As the unnamed woman waited in line at the office she became dizzy and then fainted. She was taken into another room to recover and when she regained consciousness she reported to her attackers that she felt as if she was being sexually violated.

“I felt as if I was having sex with someone, and I have never experienced this before” the woman said.

Immediately the accusing eyes fell on an elderly gentleman who visits the passport office almost daily, he stands behind women and allegedly sexually molests them using a voodoo mind trick known as “mubobobo“. Mubobobo has become a notorious crime in Zimbabwe, many believe that the culprits seek the aid of a witch doctor who enables them to become invisible or astrally project, or both in order to secretly make sex with women without their permission.

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