Police shoot zombie as it eats a man’s brains

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Police in Miami, Florida have shot dead a naked man who was eating the face of his victim at the side of a busy motorway.

The story coming out of the United States bears all the hallmarks of a zombie outbreak. Miami cops report that they were forced to shoot the naked attacker as he chewed-off his victim’s face, but even after being shot at close range the attacker continued gnawing at the victim’s head possibly to try and get at the yummy brains inside. The assailant didn’t stop until he was gunned down by multiple gunshots, quite possibly only stopping once his brain had been destroyed by a precise headshot.

According to the Miami Herald the attacker’s victim had half of his face chewed off and eaten but is currently in hospital fighting for his life. Or after receiving such serious injuries the victim now just seems to be alive.

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