‘Finding Bigfoot’ find a Yowie

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YowieA TV crew from the Animal Planet network say they’ve recorded the sound of an Australian Bigfoot, or Yowie.

The four man crew who produce Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot show were exploring forests along the Queensland and New South Wales border when they say they recorded the sound of Australia’s legendary bipedal cryptid.

“We got some really compelling audio,” presenter James ‘Bobo’ Fay said.

“When at first we all heard it, we were like, ‘No way’,”

“If you were in North America, you could have written off one of the compelling things we heard as being a large bear. But there are no large bears here.”

Fay is a veteran Bigfoot hunter, and claims to have seen one whilst on an expedition in 2001. The audio footage the crew recorded will be broadcast during the third season of Finding Bigfoot.

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