The ‘Beast of Hackney’

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The Beast of Hackney

A frightened student has taken an inconclusive snapshot of what could be an unidentified cryptid creature living in the marshes of Hackney, North London.

Helen Murray took the photograph with her mobile phone at Hackney Marsh on Bank Holiday Monday (7th May). Helen reports that the ‘creature’ was larger than a human being and covered in thick black shaggy hair.

“I tried to stay calm as I wasn’t sure what kind of animal it was or if it was even alive,” Helen explained.

“I had my phone ready to call 999. Then the creature moved. Somehow I managed to take a couple of pictures before I ran.”

“I managed to get away but was scared half to death”

Helen said she didn’t bother calling the police as she didn’t think they’d believe her, but wasted no time contacting the local press instead.

Apparently this isn’t the first time the beast has been spotted on Hackney Marsh, some 30 years ago police launched a huge search operation after several witnesses reported seeing a bear roaming the area.

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