Eating yoghurt may be the key to large hairy and healthy testicle balls

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A mouse with unfeasibly large testicles

Clever-clog boffins in the United States of America have discovered almost by chance that mice fed plenty of yoghurt have larger testicle knackers and their reproductive mucus is more potent.

Rodent bothering scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology carried out tests on a group of 80 mice each half made up exactly of males and females. What the brainiacs found was that male mice given a diet of yoghurt had shinier, thicker fur and gonads 5% larger than their yoghurt-free peers. Fertility in both sexes of rodent also increased.

Another more alarming finding was that mice fed a piss-poor diet of ‘junk food’ had substantially smaller reproductive glands than those fed a regular diet.

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