God Save the Queen — Mr. Methane comes up trumps with his special Diamond Jubilee gift to the nation

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Mr Methane — God Save the Queen

A true patriot and believer in his country Mr. Methane is hoping to catch the British Nation’s nostalgic mood in its Diamond Jubilee year with his own very unique rendition of “God Save the Queen” on the bottom bugle.

“I’ve spent most of my life looking back so I think I know a thing or two about nostalgia” says Mr. Methane.

“Over the last 60 years the wind of change has blown through Britain and all its pink bits on the map, my latest release celebrates this. When Her Majesty first sat on the throne, it coincided with Edmund Hilary conquering the heights of Mount Everest. I cannot compete with that, but I hope my Royal Fanfare will reach new heights of memorability, after all it went down very well in Sweden a few years ago.”

Back in the 1990′s Mr. Methane performed a rendition of God Save the Queen accompanied by an Ooompah band on the Robert Aschberg Show, Sweden’s top television chat show. One of the other guests was the Swedish Foreign Minister and the performance was apparently a seminal landmark event in the history of Swedish Television.

“This time I’ve kept it short and sweet, not a fully blown rendition, just a little keepsake that people can use as a Ring Tone, I know there’s a joke in there somewhere about being the man who puts the Ring into Ring Tone but seriously I think that this is the perfect gift for everyone! Those that like us and those that don’t. I mean if your against Britain and lets be honest not everyone likes us, then you can have a laugh at us and if your British or get what being British is about then you don’t really care because you already have the capacity to laugh at yourself”.

You can get yourself a copy of Mr. Methane’s sensitive 21st century interpretation of God Save the Queen from the iTunes store. Simply search the iTunes store on your iPhone and select the ringtone option.

Mr Methane ringtone

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  • http://www.pubtoilets.com Lou Rowles

    I bought this last week and instlled it on my iphone, I was on the tram back from North Pier to Fleetwood Ferry when it went off a Bispham Station the lady sat next to me was not impressed.