Old woman wins back paragliding world record

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Last month we reported how 101-year-old American Mary Hardison set the world record for the oldest woman to para-glide in tandem, beating a previous record set by Scottish biddy Peggy McAlpine who was 100-years-old when she got in the record books.

Well, old Peggy must have been right razzed-off and annoyed about losing her prestigious title so the old bugger has gone and stolen it back! Peggy’s now an ancient 104-years-old, and after hearing about that spring-chicken Mary Hardison knocking her off her perch Peggy went straight out and made another tandem para-glide, thus reclaiming the title of oldest woman to para-glide in tandem.

“I enjoyed every minute of it. It was better than the last time. I would certainly like to do it again – especially if anyone takes my record” the old dear warned.

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