Giant’s underpants sell for 550 nicker

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Frederick Kempster's underwear

A giant’s underpants went on sale this week and sold for £550 at auction.

The undercrackers in question once belonged to one of England’s tallest men, Frederick Kempster. Kempster lived around 100 years ago and was reported to be 8ft 4.5in tall when he died from pneumonia in 1918 aged just 29-years-old. The celebrated giant lived in the lovely Lancashire town of Blackburn, his massive under garments were discovered at a house in Clitheroe during the 70s, along with newspaper cuttings about the lofty bugger.

After all this time John Jardine, of Hurst Green, Clitheroe who discovered the items auctioned them to raise a few bob. The grundies were expected to go for about 200 quid but beat all expectations and were sold for a marvellous £550 at Tennants Auctioneers in Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

Kempster featured in the Guinness Book of Records from 1967 to 1993 listed as one of England’s tallest men, measuring 8ft 4.5in, although some skeptics have cast doubt on the validity of that height. But as you can see, he was certainly no shortarse.

Frederick Kempster

Frederick Kempster — tall

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