Bongo star encourages breast exams

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Bree Olson

‘XXX’ porno performer Bree Olson, known for such hits as ‘Breast in Class‘ and a ‘Scooby Doo‘ XXX porn parody has been on the streets of New York this week promoting breast examinations.

Big-breasts Bree has been seen out and about in a pink van branded the ‘Save Our Boobs Bus’ which is sponsored by online filth merchants The van was loaded with breast screening equipment with dolly-bird nurses on hand to assist proper medically qualified breast examiners.

“Porhhub came to me with this idea to do breast cancer awareness,” Bree explained.

“They figured, you know, breasts are a large part of our industry, and the two would kind of coincide.”

The bubatoe saving bus did a 5-stop tour of New York, women were offered free potentially life-saving breast screening and also training on how to examine themselves.

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