Return of The League of Gentlemen?

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Steve Pemberton, Reese Shearsmith, Jeremy Dyson and Mark Gatiss

The stars of bizarre dark comedy, The League of Gentlemen have dropped a massive hint about the show’s return.

Mark Gatiss, Reese Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton and Jeremy Dyson began The League of Gentlemen in 1994 as a stage show, following a hugely successful transition into a BBC radio show the quartet launched their sketches onto the television in 1999. After three seasons and a full length feature film in 2005 the group went their separate ways.

All four have since had great success, Dyson the one member who never acted in the shows went on to write the amazing Funland. Pemberton and Shearsmith created another very black sitcom, Psychoville, which ran for two seasons. Gatiss appeared in both these shows, and he’s kept himself incredibly busy writing and appearing in Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Speaking to the Radio Times this week, Gatiss, Pemberton and Shearsmith talk about their work together on kids TV show Horrible Histories and let slip that a League of Gentlemen reunion is highly likely.

“Just as Abba never split up, we just stopped doing it. We’ve always talked about doing something else.” Gatiss said.

I genuinely think the time will come, and not years and years away, when we will reconvene,” Shearsmith added.

“It probably wouldn’t be Royston Vasey but it will be something.”

Here’s hoping it will be set back in Royston Vasey, and it comes round sooner rather than later.

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