The Morningstarr* Top 42 Fitties 2012 — Poll Results

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Top 42 Fitties Poll 2012

The results are in, all votes have been counted and the list of the top 42 hottest women on the planet has now been compiled.

This year we received just over 20,000 votes for a meagre selection of just under 100 women, and these votes were more widely dispersed than last year with many hotties running almost neck and neck throughout the voting process. There are 22 new entries to our chart, 12 climbers, 7 ladies moving down the chart and one none mover. Special mention to the one vote we received for her majesty the Queen, and for all 33 of you who voted for ‘Gail Platt’, that was last year’s gag try to keep up.

OK, so let’s get cracking here’s our top 42 fittie rundown from the top:

#42 Autumn Reeser New

(37 votes)

Autumn Reeser

New girl Autumn began her TV career with an episode of Star Trek: Voyager playing a fairly unattractive alien with a rubber prosthetic glued to her pretty fizzog. Miss Reeser became well known for her work in teen-dramas such as The O.C. and Entourage, but more recently the 31-year-old hottie has starred in No Ordinary Family and popped-up in Hawaii Five-O playing the new girlfriend of lucky funny-haired midget, Scott Caan.


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