“About as much use as a chocolate toilet”

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Brighton artist Sarah Pager has sculpted a life-size toilet from delicious milk chocolate.

Pager created the edible potty using a silicon mould and 17kg of scrumptious chocolate. The delicious loo will be exhibited at the Towner Gallery, in Eastbourne, where Pager hopes she’ll sell the choco-crapper for over three grand!

The piece is entitled ‘Narcissus’ and here’s what Sarah pager said about how she came up with the idea of using chocolate to make the lavatory.

“I used it mainly because of the smell, it’s such a desirable commodity there’s an element of cognitive dissonance,” she explained

“I’m very interested in issues surrounding the body and body processes. I’m also interested in the moment when you’re alone with yourself when you’re in that animal moment. Bathroom fittings represent that for me in that they are a ritual but also a luxury when it comes to separating us from animals.”

Would you like to spend your ‘animal moment’ on a £3,000 chocolate toilet? Leave a comment below or join the discussion on our forum: Chocolate toilet

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