Teenager charged with raping cow

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CowAn 18-year-old youth has been caught red-handed pounding away at a cow’s rear-end.

Sludge Pakare of Chakwana village, Zimbabwe was spotted last month by an eagle-eyed citizen who caught a glimpse of him shafting the bovine beast with his own beefy-bayonet. Sludge had allegedly snuck into the grazing paddock and herded a lone cow over to a secluded bushy area, which was unfortunately for Sludge not secluded enough.

That is when passer-by Sour Janda glanced upon the dreadful deed and took umbrage to young Sludge making the beast-with-two-backs with an actual beast. Before handing the young pervert over to the police, Sour dished out a swift beating to Sludge.

Sludge appeared this week before Magistrate Robson Finsin to face charges of bestiality. he has been remanded in custody until 3rd April.

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