Homosexual necrophiliac serial killer helps blind children

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Dennis Nilsen

Dennis Nilsen

Homosexual serial killer Dennis Nilsen, who sexually abused his dead victims’ corpses has proved he can be a productive member of society by helping blind children learn science.

Nilsen murdered at least 15 men and boys between 1978 and 1983 by strangling or drowning them before storing their bodies for sexual purposes and possibly eating parts of them. The corpses were eventually dismembered, fed to wild animals, burned on bonfires or flushed down the toilet.

Nilsen has been in prison for almost 30 years serving eight life sentences, his minimum tariff of 25 years was overruled by the Home Secretary and Nilsen has been told he will never be eligible for parole.

But this week it has come to light that the nefarious murderer, who was nicknamed the ‘Kindly Killer’ has been helping blind children to read for years. Nilsen has worked on a method to translate graphs and charts from science textbooks into braille so that blind kids are given the opportunities to receive the same education as sighted children.

The story of Nilsen’s work came up in a House of Lords debate about the rehabilitation of dangerous prisoners.

“Blind children had access to a science textbook, thanks to the activities of someone who, in theory, had been rejected by society.” Lord Ramsbottom told the peers.

“One of the education officers in the prison reckoned something there could be harnessed.” The lord explained.

“Nilsen was taught to write in Braille. Then over four years, he described graphs in a science textbook in a way that would be understood, and translated this into Braille.”

A spokesperson from a society for blind enterprises had this to say about Nilsen’s work:

“It’s no mean feat. We need highly skilled, dedicated people to produce these books.”

Does this prove that even a man that boiled tramps’ and rent boys’ decapitated heads and raped their dead mouths could once more be a beneficial member of society? Leave a comment below or join the discussion on our forum: Gay serial killer helping blind kids learn science

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