Bizarre canine creature with duck’s feet

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Canine duck-foot monster

The decomposing remains of a surreal looking dog-creature with duck’s feet has washed up on a Florida riverbank.

Paul Lovely found the bizarre carcass washed up on the banks of the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday after catching a whiff of its awful stench.

“Other than it stinking like God Almighty knows, just the weird feet, how long the legs are, and it’s got a kind of weird-looking head but it could be just cause it’s rotted off some, but I don’t know how to explain those feet.” Mr Lovely told First Coast News.

Mr Lovely also contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to see if they could identify the strange critter, their first response was that the photos were a hoax or a silly prank. But after Lovely insisted the images are genuine an inspector has agreed to examine the actual carcass to help determine what the kooky creature is.

Mr Lovely has his own theories as to what the rotting monster may be.

“I’ve seen shows about chupacabras and stuff like that, man, but I always thought it was kinda funny until today.”

What the hell do you think it is? Leave a comment below or join the discussion on our paranormal forum: Bizarre duck-footed dog carcass

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  • JStass

    Those “feet” are it’s shoulder blades (scapulae). The legs have been pulled out and twisted upside down.

  • Earl Morningstarr

    It’s a good answer.