The world’s biggest meat and potato pie

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Cottage pie

Attention Wigan, cooks and chefs in America have created the world’s biggest meat and potato pie after getting the recipe for shepherd’s pie wrong.

Organisers of the inaugural Wildwood St. Patrick’s Day Block Party in New Jersey decided to mark the occasion by making the biggest shepherd’s pie ever, but when Guinness World of Records officials arrived to judge whether the pie was edible he discovered that the cooks had used beef and not lamb!

The completed ‘cottage pie’ weighed-in at close to two tons, 1,805 lbs total weight made up from 880 lbs minced beef (not lamb), 775 lbs potatoes, 110 lbs carrots, 100 lbs onions, 72 lbs butter, 65 lbs wine, 15 gallons of cream and assorted herbs and spices. Health and safety nazis from the fire department put a dampener on proceedings by insisting the team of cooks couldn’t use blowtorches to crisp the potato topping.

Once Guinness’ official adjudicator Phillip Robertson was satisfied the pie was actually edible the record for world’s biggest meat and potato pie was confirmed and the dish was shared out to hungry spectators.

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  • paula evans

    thats not a pie there no pastry top