Ever wanted to play computer games with your cat?

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Well now you can!

Today Friskies® have launched their brand new iPad game, ‘You vs. Cat’ which as you might have guessed, pits you against your fine feline friend.

“You vs. Cat” is the first tablet game designed for two players – one human and one cat – to bring big-time competition to playtime. Download the free game for you and your cat at YouvsCat.com and iTunes, and start playing together like never before.

Cat-like reflexes will be put to the test when the human player launches up to five playing pieces onto the field where they tumble, collide, and bounce around. By keeping an eye on the playing field, the cat scores one point for each piece captured with deft paw maneuvers and swift taps on the screen. The gamer with the fastest paws – or fingers – wins the ultimate showdown and top gamer status as your household’s “You vs. Cat” champion.

Friskies® are even keeping tabs on which is the dominant species by keeping score of all matches on a leader-board, and currently the pussy cats are winning by many thousands!

“After such positive response to last year’s launch of several Friskies tablet games and apps for cats, we wanted to just keep pushing the play button. ‘You vs. Cat’ takes the fun of feeding cats’ senses through play to a completely new level,” said Alison Coburn, Friskies Assistant Brand Manager.

“With this new game we’re continuing to inspire curiosity and discovery beyond mealtime and bring something completely new to the world of cat play.”

Friskies® You vs. Cat - Nestle Purina Petcare co

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  • Tiffany

    Thanks! I would let my kitten play it on my iPod
    But as soon as I first saw those claws that
    Scratch my screen I thought no! So thx I never
    Knew you could get it on the computer