The Morningstarr* Top 42 Fitties 2012 — voting is open

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Top 42 Fitties Poll 2012

Voting is now open for the annual Morningstarr* readers poll to find the hottest hottie on the planet!

Last year the poll was hilariously hijacked by members of a popular skinflints forum and grotesque crone Gail Platt (Helen Worth) was voted into the top slot with an incredible 20% of all the votes cast. Hopefully the accompanying image of her bare saggy knocker-boobs will be enough to deter a repeat performance this year.

Once again this year we are proudly sponsored by Absente the absinthe people, and we’ve got a premium bottle of the green faerie to give away as a bit of incentive to get your votes in. All you need to do is cast your vote in the form below, you can vote once a day to increase your chances of getting your favourite hottie to #1 and also increase your chances of getting your filthy mitts on a bottle of green booze.

If you’re in the need of any inspiration you can have a browse through last year’s winners: Top 42 Fitties 2011

Here’s the voting form: remember it’s for sexy, beautiful women.

Voting closed

These are our terms and conditions.

Cubed earwax
  • Peter Hall

    Susan Boyle

  • paul stride

    susan boyle

  • Christos

    Amanda Tapping

  • Glenn Hutton

    nina dobrev

  • Andrew Dommett

    Susan Boyle


    susan boyle

  • Barbara Robbins

    Susan Boyle, Lol xxx

  • Earl Morningstarr

    Just to remind everyone, you do need to use the voting form to cast your vote, and stand a chance of winning any green booze.

  • Inga

    LOL at some of the nominees

  • http://Facebook Micah Horton

    Looks like Susan Boyle is the frontrunner at the mo!! LMAO :)

  • paula evans

    Susan Boyle

  • Jesse Partington

    Susan Boyle.

  • Stephanie Lear

    Deffo Susan Boyle :)

  • Lisa Marie Smith

    Susan Boyle :D

  • Donna Towner

    I think you fail to realise every woman is sexy and beautiful and while you try to run such shallow contests you will be hijacked and put in your place :P

  • sairz

    su-bo for #1

    blooming skinflints eh ;D