Alarming case of the dog-headed pig monster

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People in northern Namibia are whipping themselves into a frenzy after a supposed monster was spotted chasing goats and terrorising dogs.

The bizarre ‘dog-headed pig monster’ has become a local sensation, particularly after local government officials gave a statement calling the creature an alien and blaming voodoo black magic.

“This is an alien animal that the people have not seen before. We don’t have a forest here, only bushes. So, this must be black magic at play.” Fine reasoning there from councillor Andreas Mundjindi.

The crazy beast has been described as some strange kind of hybrid. The head is that of a dog, or possibly wolf-like creature, but it’s rear end is smooth, hairless and rounded like a hog’s buttocks.

Comparisons are being made with the legendary chupacabras. Although the goat-sucker is supposedly from Latin America there are reports from all over the globe claiming extraordinary looking critters have been draining livestock of their blood. Three years previously in the same region of Namibia that is exactly what was believed when 24 goats were found dead, their corpses sucked dry.

What do you think the yokels have glimpsed, a goat-sucker or just an ugly mongrel? Tell us below or discuss on our wicked forum: Dog-headed pig monster

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