Four months jail for buggering Yorkshire Terrier to death

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Yorkshire Terrier

A sick pervert who raped a 17-year-old Yorkshire Terrier has been given just four months in gaol.

35-year-old Jason Willis Sanborn from Stafford, Virginia pleaded guilty in December to charges of bestiality involving 17-year-old Buddy, a blind geriatric Yorkshire Terrier. Just over a week after Buddy was rescued and re-homed he sadly died.

Sanborn was investigated by workers from the Stafford SPCA who spotted ads that the sicko had placed on Craigslist seeking “canine play”. SPCA employee Lori O’Pry-Huber struck up a relationship with Sanborn in order to gather evidence. The whistle was finally blown when Sanborn sent O’Pry-Huber images of himself abusing Buddy the terrier.

Sanborn was convicted of bestiality and also distributing obscene material. He was given a five year sentence with four years and eight months suspended, and ordered to stay off the internet and not keep pets.

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