Kobayashi storms to victory at Wing Bowl XX

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Takeru Kobayashi

Rogue gurgitator Takeru Kobayashi has silenced his critics by thrashing his opponents at this year’s Wing Bowl chicken wing eating championships in Philadelphia.

The Japanese competitive eater who cut ties with Major League Eating after a row over his contract competed in the Wing Bowl for the first ever time this year, and set a new world record. At last year’s event, three time champion Jonathan “Super Squibb” Squibb set the record with 255 chicken wings, and this year the 26-year-old improved on it with a grand total of 271 wings, putting him in second place.

But Kobayashi blew all competition away by consuming an amazing 337 wings! A full 66 more wings than his nearest competitor. And the maverick competitive eater says he could have eaten a hundred more!

“I could probably eat another 100 wings or so,” Kobayashi boasted afterwards.

“Not really fast, I’d have to take my time. But if you brought me 100 more I could eat them.”

Runner-up in third place with 251 wings was five-time former Wing Bowl champion Bill “El Wingador” Simmons, who’s glory days seem to be behind him.

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