‘Cotswold Beast’ is just a fox

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Deer carcass

There has been a lot of excitement and anticipation over the past few weeks whilst DNA tests were carried out on the mutilated remains of deer found in Woodchester Park, Gloucestershire. Two deer carcasses were sent off to the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick to determine the predator which had brought them down.

In total three deer, and three wallabies in the Cotswold area were killed by a large predator which many speculated would be proved to be a big cat such as a panther or puma. But disappointingly for all cryptozoologists the test results came back today showing that the animals were merely the victim of your common or garden fox.

“Other than deer, by far the strongest genetic signal we found on the Woodchester Park carcass was from a fox.” Boffin Dr Robin Allaby said after analysing the results.

“On the second deer carcass we found canid DNA. A more detailed analysis is underway to pin down the canid species but our expectation is that that will also be fox DNA.”

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