Naked rowers complete Atlantic journey

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Row for Freedom

A group of five hot ladies have finished their 2,500 mile journey rowing naked across the Atlantic Ocean.

Debbie Beadle, Kate Richardson, Katie Pattinson-Hart, Helen Leigh and team leader Julia Immonen successfully completed their arduous 45-day expedition at approximately 05:00 GMT this morning in Barbados. The girls had rowed in a tiny boat all the way from the Canary Isles to complete the Woodvale Challenge, and have gone straight into the record books for becoming the first all-female team to row across any ocean and have, of course, set the record time for a female team completing the Woodvale Challenge in just 45 days 15 hours and 26 minutes.

Thanks to cramped conditions and the risk of chaffing, the young ladies spent a lot of time in the their craft, the Oystershack, totally stark-bollock naked.

“We had heard in advance that there are advantages and attractions of rowing naked, not least to counter all the rubbing and chaffing which add to the discomfort of life at sea,” team member Kate Richardson revealed in one of her en-route reports.

“But also in our case, after the first week half of us had lost our clothes overboard — and of course our wardrobes weren’t too well stocked to begin with, with only two T-shirts, two pairs of shorts and four sets of underwear, which isn’t much for a group of girlies.”

The ladies must have arrived in Barbados this morning with plenty of flesh on show for the jeering slack-jawed locals. And first thing on their minds was celebrating with a few ice-cold cocktails!

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