Woman raped by rat

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A woman in Zimbabwe is appealing for help after she says she was repeatedly raped by a rodent.

Elizabeth Ndodayemzini from Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo, told local press how over the past 18 months or so she has been woken in the night on several occasions by a rat raping her. Ndodayemzini explained that she would wake with the sensation of being penetrated by a man, but when she goes to beat her assailant off all she finds in her bed is a small, furry rodent.

“I try to push whoever will be having sex with me and try to grab him and all I see is a rat on top of the bed,” Ndodayemzini sobbed.

“It does not run away like ordinary rats, just looks at me and the next thing it would go under the pillow shivering in a strange manner,”

If the rodent rapes weren’t bad enough, Ndodayemzini believes the rat is also stealing her money. Not only from her person, but the cheeky rat is also accused of withdrawing cash from her bank account.

“My money from the house just disappears and at times even from my bank account,” she said.

“have tried to kill it a number of times. I even asked some guys I share a flat with if the same things happened to them, but they said they have not had an encounter with a rat.”

Ndodayemzini is now desperate to get rid of the rodent rapist and has reached out through the media after all other avenues have failed. Anyone who thinks they can help Ndodayemzini can contact her directly on 0773462321.

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  • Elizabeth Ndodayemzini

    My Testimony

    Delivered from sleeping with a rat.

    I would like to give glory to God the Almighty, for His unfailing love. Praise be to Jesus for His Amazing Grace and the Holy Spirit for His Comfort.
    I refer to a publication in the B Metro edition of 06 February 2012 headlined “Woman sleeps with rat! After suffering from this ordeal for years I was hopeless and had consulted all that would promise to help without success.
    But God the Almighty himself finally used His anointed to bring deliverance to my troubled soul, and hope for a life that was in despair.
    As if by divine appointment, on 17 of February 2012, I attended an Interdenominational Lunch Hour Service at Jesus’ Life International in Bulawayo. God send His anointed servant Prophet I Ukama of Abundant Life Global Ministries who was preaching throughout the week and spoke a word of prophecy that brought light the whole issue of my life right from childhood.
    As I stood in amazement as the story of my life was being revealed by the Holy Spirit and I received my deliverance and from that I have never seen that rat again, neither do I have any sexual encounters with anything.
    Indeed the Lord is fortress, shield and defence; He is my strong tower, my redeemer and friend. He brought deliverance to me when I cried for help.
    To date I am going through restoration of things that the devil had stolen.
    To all men and women out there who may be in similar situation as I was, I encourage you to put your faith in Jesus, for what he did in other ages he surely do again for the Bible in Hebrews 13:5 says Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever..
    Keep your focus on Him and Him alone, “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.” Hebrews 4:15

    Elizabeth Ndodayemzini.

  • http://www.themorningstarr.co.uk Earl Morningstarr

    Well I’m very pleased it all worked out for you in the end Elizabeth.

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