Disney fan wanted for feeding kitten to his pet python

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The RSPCA are appealing for information to locate the sadistic herpetologist who made a Christmas video of a live kitten being eaten by his pet snake.

The cruel video, entitled Python Christmas was uploaded to a website reportedly called Flix, most likely MojoFlix.com. The seven minute video shows an unknown person wearing a Santa hat stroking and playing with a small kitten on a double bed, while a large albino Burmese python sits in wait under a pillow.

The kitten is clearly aware of the reptile, so the owner/feeder distracts the kitten, allowing the snake to seize it’s prey and kill the kitten.

The video footage was uploaded to an account registered to an individual from Islington in London, and the RSPCA are hoping someone who recognises the person in the video will contact them with further information. So far the only other details known about the owner of the video, based on their other video uploads, is that they like Disney’s Aladdin.

Anyone able to identify the fiend should contact the RSPCA via their website or by telephoning 0300 1234 999

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  • sarah smith

    sick twisted needs to be locked away nothing good about that video just wrong & sick how the hell could they stand and film that. some thing wrong with there heads nasty b****rds sorry about my mouth but how mad i feel about what i have just seen i carnt even put it into words. they have no care or feelings for nothing or no one sick sick sick. :-(

  • steve

    Thank you for your post. Readers should know the infamous Moors Murders serial killers did the same thing. Filmed the torture of children to “The Little Drummer Boy” Demand the authorities find this sicko.

  • Kim

    Who cares, the cat is valid food for a snake. Whats the big deal?

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