Deadly venomous spiders invading Britain

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Redback spider

Britain is being invaded by deadly Australian spiders, brought back in unsuspecting backpacker’s luggage or inside crates of imported didgeridoos, or boomerangs, or something.

The highly venomous Redback spiders are found right across Australia, the creepy little buggers live in close proximity to humans so they are distributed by stowing away with human belongings. This closeness also means that bites are fairly common, reports suggest over 750 people are bitten by Redbacks per year.

As the saying goes, the female of the species is far more deadlier than the male. The female Redbacks are larger than their male counterparts, and so they come with larger fangs, capable or penetrating human flesh deeper and injecting greater quantities of their toxic venom. Once bitten the victim can expect intense pain and extreme swelling at the point of the bite, these symptoms are combined with chest pain, vomiting, headache, and in worst cases seizures and respiratory failure causing clammy death.

And now these vicious blighters can be found right across the United Kingdom. Despite originating in a much warmer climate, the Redback is managing to survive quite easily by staying inside people’s centrally heated homes, and avoiding the brisk British winters. The nasty critters have even been found as far north as Aberdeen, in the northern parts of northern Scotland.

The general advice for anyone who thinks they have been bitten by a deadly Redback is to catch the spider in a suitable container and take it with them to hospital where it can be identified and the correct anti-venom administered.

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