Bridget Regan is a ‘Person of Interest’

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Bridget Regan

Legend of the Seeker star Bridget Regan has landed a guest spot on the forthcoming non-sci-fi sci-fi show, Person of Interest.

Person of Interest was developed by Fringe and Alias creator J. J. Abrams, along with Jonathan Nolan, brother of director Chris Nolan, and writer of Memento. The show stars former Prisoner and Jesus, Jim Caviezel as a special enforcer hired by a mysterious billionaire to help stop crimes before they are even committed.

Although it sounds a little Minority Report, it isn’t. Nolan insists that the show isn’t even really science fiction, because the development of the computer programs and surveillance equipment used in the show is already with us today. Following the broadcast of the pilot episode in America last September the show has been a phenomenal hit, CBS even budged CSI out of the way to make room for it. The show was commissioned for a full season, broadcast dates for the UK have not yet been finalised.

The latest news on the show is that ginger hottie Bridget Regan will be making a guest appearance in a season one episode, although it has not been confirmed whether Regan will be the episode’s “person of interest”. The actress, best known for playing Kahlan Amnell in sword and sorcery show Legend of the Seeker, tweeted the news herself earlier this week.

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