American man with 100lb scrotum

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A real life Buster Gonad has been found in Las Vegas.

47-year-old Wesley Warren Jr. has unfeasibly large testicles, so large that his penis has been swallowed up by his mammoth ball-sack and Wesley can’t even urinate properly. Wesley is suffering from scrotal elephantiasis, his ballbag ballooned overnight three years ago first swelling to the size of a football and growing and growing till, at this point, the nutsack weighs over 100 lbs.

Wesley has decided to go public with his freakish scrotum, earlier this month he appeared on the Howard Stern show in the US because he is now so desperate to raise the funds to have his testicle-sack repaired. Out of sheer desperation Wesley announced on national US radio that his penis is so enveloped by his overgrown ballbag that he just dribbles pee all over himself, and because he can’t sit down to defecate he’s forced to catch his nutty-logs in a cup.

Wesley suffered this humiliation in an attempt to gain publicity for his cause, and hopefully find donors willing to help him raise the $1 million required to for corrective surgery on his gonad-satchel.

Anyone wishing to help Wesley can contact him on

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