World record porridge

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A town in Russia claim to have smashed the world record for the biggest bowl of porridge.

Last year organisers of the annual Cupar Highland Games in Scotland set the official Guinness world record with a huge bowl of porridge that weighed 630kg, but earlier this week residents of the Russian town of Tula cooked up a massive cauldron of porridge weighing 865kg!

The massive cauldron was mounted on an impressive seven-metre-high tripod and heated over a real log fire. The porridge contained 129kg oats, 2kg salt, 8kg sugar and 784 litres of water. The porridge was stirred by two big burly Russian weightlifters using giant wooden spoons, and the finished porridge was distributed amongst 3,500 spectators.

All that is required is the official seal of approval from Guinness World of Records.

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