Boy masturbates himself to death

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Reports coming in from Brazil say that a 16-year-old boy has died after tossing himself off 42 times — without stopping.

The boy’s mother has told local newspapers in the Goiás region of Brazil that her son had an addiction to bopping the baloney, and she planned on getting him professional help so he could beat his addiction, and not his bishop. But the mother seemingly acted too late, because her unnamed son began a wank marathon at the stroke of midnight and reportedly tugged himself off 42 times. He was pronounced dead at the scene, the cause of death has not been released.

The boy’s school friends have spoken out about their friend’s addiction, some say he invited them to webcam with him. Following his death the boy’s room was searched and a large cache of jazz mags and bongo videos were discovered. The boy apparently had eclectic tastes and was easily aroused by any type of women.

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Cubed earwax
  • Jim

    This is utter bullshit.

    The original article is from, a site that is known for so-called fun news without real content.
    The original picture is from

    Why are you posting this kind of nonsense? Is there any checking being done? Maybe you should read sometimes, what is being unredactedly posted on your website.

  • Ivor Biggun

    What does unredactedly mean?

  • Laconia

    Ever tried a dictionary?

  • Ivor Biggun

    Can’t find unredactedly in the dictionary, that’s why I asked.

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  • FreddeX

    He’s right you know, i looked it up as well but i can’t find it anywhere in my dictonary nor an online one! ^^

  • http://KnutiKnut Knut

    Ohoh… think I’ve choosen some kind of dangerous hobby :0

  • abi r-s

    what a load of bollox this all is….

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  • dangerdavies

    Anyone can interfrastically make words up to seem intelligent.

  • Jimmy

    Must have been some pretty good porn.

  • Jovy

    unredactedly means unedited or uncensored.. Meaning he uploaded the video after he finished recording what he’s doing..

  • Danish

    I think the western media should stop the pornngraphy and banned all pornsites. They should the lesson from this children life.

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