Could the Norfolk Panther be a rare native wildcat?

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Norfolk big cat

Image© Rob Haynes FeatherandFur

A keen-eyed wildlife photographer has snapped an extremely rare British wildcat prowling the Norfolk countryside.

Rob & Angie Haynes of FeatherandFur Photography were trying to get some shots of barn owls in Norfolk last weekend, when they managed to snap a large wild cat romping across the countryside.

“I was out photographing barn owl on Sunday 28th August at approx 18:40 at the Holkham estate close to Wells.” Rob told us.

“I picked up the shape of a large dark cat from a distance of perhaps 200 metres and managed to take a couple of shots at a high ISO since the light was very low.”

“The shape was too big to be considered a domestic Cat and the tail too long and thick.”

There have been a noticeable amount of big cat sightings in the Norfolk area, and huge claw marks and paw prints discovered. A popular theory has been that panthers once kept as exotic pets have been released into the wild, but Rob’s photograph may prove that the ‘Norfolk Panther’ is actually a very rare British native.

Rob sent a copy of the photograph to the British Big Cats Society for confirmation, and society founder Danny Bamping confirmed it could be a Scottish wildcat.

What do you reckon? Comment below or discuss on our forum: Norfolk Panther could be a Scottish wildcat

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