Deadly erection spider found in Coventry

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Brazilian wandering spiderA massive ugly spider, who’s painful venomous bite causes four-hour-long erections, has been found in Coventry.

The Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria spp.), sometime called the banana spider because it’s usually found in banana trees, is an aggressive and highly toxic arachnid. The nasty little bugger has a 15cm leg-span, and is quick to bite if disturbed by humans. Its venomous bite is considered quite deadly, symptoms include intense pain, loss of muscle control, and difficulty in breathing. And if you don’t die from asphyxiation, you’re treated to a four-hour-long stonking erection, as the spider’s bite also causes priapism.

Last week workers at a Coventry warehouse risked intense painful lob-ons to capture the ugly rotter, and then delivered it to the lovely Katie Hodgkins at KBN Reptiles in the centre of Coventry.

“It’s not unheard of for spiders like this to find their way into the country in a bunch of bananas. In fact that’s how it earned its nickname, the ‘banana spider’” Katie said.

“It’s a dangerous arachnid and not the kind we keep in our store, so we took it to the Butterfly Farm in Stratford where people can enjoy seeing it from safety.”

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