11-year-old caught having sex with a goat

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GoatA young chap in India was caught red-handed having carnal knowledge with a village goat yesterday.

Residents at a village in Dimapur, northern India, were furious after the boy was discovered having sexual intercourse with a pregnant she-goat.

The goat belongs to the janitor of the village church, and on Thursday (11th August) at around noon the janitor’s wife heard the goat bleating loudly and repeatedly. When the wife went to investigate she found the little lad round the back of the goat, hard at it.

The woman raised the alarm and the young lad was caught as he fled. He was taken to the local police station, but an angry crowd gathered demanding that the boy was handed over to them. For his own safety the child was detained overnight in a police cell.

Today the boys family collected him from the police cells, to resolve the issue the village council has decreed that the family are to be banished from the village.

Last year in the same village a man was caught shagging a chicken.

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