Scientists create bio-engineered bumholes

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The bumhole sphincterBoffins at a laboratory in North Carolina, US, have built fully functioning anal bum sphincters using muscle and nerve cells.

The lab-built bungholes were successfully transplanted onto mice, and eggheads believe the gristly rings will one day be used to cure anal and urinary incontinence.

“This is the first bio-engineered sphincter made with both muscle and nerve cells, making it ‘pre-wired’ for placement in the body” Professor Khalil N. Bitar from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre said.

“The engineered sphincters were physiologically similar to native tissue. This takes us one step closer to realizing the goal of using a patient’s own cells to engineer a replacement sphincter in the lab,” the professor continued.

Currently methods of controlling a leaky anus often involve electrical/mechanical implants, like Ged Galvin’s bionic bumhole. Mr Galvin’s cyber-sphincter works using a remote control device which signals electrodes in his arse-pipe to open or close his bomb bay doors.

These new bio-engineered back doors will hopefully mean a full recovery for anyone who loses their rectum hatch.

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