The world’s freakiest insects and creepy crawlies

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Emperor scorpion

The emperor scorpion is one of the largest scorpions on the planet, adults grow to a length of 20cm with large claws and a 2cm sting in their tale.

Although they look quite intimidating the emperor scorpion is a popular pet, and it’s sting is only as potent as a bees. But that doesn’t make them any more attractive to me.

Camel spider

Last on our list is the infamous camel spider.

Not actually spiders at all, camel spiders are a separate class of arachnid, they have no venom like most other spiders or stings like scorpions. But their jaws are exceptionally strong and they can deliver a painful bite.

Camel spiders gained notoriety when soldiers in Iraq sent home photographs of the ugly bleeders along with stories about them.

At 15cm long camel spiders are not exactly on the small side, but their dimensions have been exaggerated by people coming across them in the desert. Other urban legends about camel spiders claim the critters can run so fast they keep up with cars, and that they can kill camels.

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